When Atlas Falters

When Atlas Falters was my final project at the University for the Creative Arts. It was a collaboration between me and four others in which I took on the roles of director, game designer, coder and generalist.


The game is a semi-randomly generated dungeon crawler set in Victorian London. The player chooses from one of three characters at the start of the game and must utilise the tactical turn-based combat system to complete a series of levels branching out from a central hub.


I coded the whole game alongside a partner, whilst also creating all of the character models together with the majority of their animations. I also rigged the characters, created the particle effects and made some custom shaders.

A demo of When Atlas Falters can be downloaded for PC here, or for Mac here.

More information on the project, along with the portfolios of the other team members, can be found here: www.whenatlasfalters.co.uk