Coin Quest™

Coin Quest is my first commercially released game. Available on all mobile platforms, Coin Quest is a casual but tricky game directed at those looking for a more skill based experience from their mobile apps. The player gets a coin, and their goal is to flick it at targets and into holes in a variety of exciting, thematically designed levels. Coin Quest can be downloaded free on Android here and iOS here.


I once again directed the project and lead the design, and this time I was the sole coder. I was also responsible for all animations, particle effects and custom shaders, as well as putting the whole project together in Unity.

One of my main goals with the design was to focus heavily on the core mechanic of firing the coins. This was the action that the player would spend the majority of play time performing, so it needed to feel very satisfying. Seeing as scoring points is fairly difficult for a new player, I made sure that success was greatly rewarded with a combination of exciting particle effects and sounds, as well as some camera shake and time dilation to really emphasise the impact.

More information on the project, along with the portfolios of the other team members, can be found here: