I am Freddie Littlewood, a recent First Class graduate of UCA Farnham with a degree in Computer Games Arts just beginning my career as a Game Designer. I'm currently based in Surrey with easy access to Guildford and London. I've been passionate about games and art my whole life, so when it came to choosing a degree - and subsequently a career - the choice couldn't have been easier.


I threw myself into every aspect of the game production process during my studies, from design and coding to concept art and 3D modelling. In my third year I really embraced game design and coding as my core focus, but still continued practicing both my 2D, 3D and animation skills in order to ensure I had a thorough knowledge of the entire production pipeline.

My major project in third year was When Atlas Falters, a 3D turn-based dungeon crawler. I led a team of five, heading up the design and direction of the game as well as writing all of the code alongside a partner. More information on When Atlas Falters and my involvement in it can be found here.

After graduating, my team and I moved into an incubator studio set up by the University. We worked in that studio for a year, and in that time released our first full game, Coin Quest. Available on mobile, Coin Quest is a simple yet satisfying arcade game. I once again directed the project and was responsible for the design and coding. More information on Coin Quest is available here.

During our time in the incubator, we also set up Team Twist Ltd, our company under which Coin Quest was released.

A copy of my CV can be downloaded here.